Glow Paints

Glow paints have an ability to glow in the dark by itself after being charged by any source of light. The main operating principle of these paints is to absorb the light energy and then emit in the dark for 8-12 hours which makes them Safe and Eco-Friendly. Luminescent glowing paint can be charged by sunlight, lamp, flashlight, ultraviolet - literally by any source of light, it even charges on a cloudy day. Modern glowing paint consists of Aluminas that are responsible for the glow. Any glowing paint is a combination of clear lacquer and luminescent pigment That's why quality of the glow powder determines the glow quality of the luminescent paint. We use the most advanced technology of producing glowing materials. The paint has good adhesion and good mechanical and physical properties.

Noxton MAC Company produces and supplies 19 different types of Glow in the Dark Paint.

Want to make your surroundings, personal stuff bright and colorful at nights? Yes! it is possible through Noxton’s luminescent materials

Glow paints are luminescent paints which glow in dark autonomously

Luminescent materials “Glow in the Dark”, they absorb light from the surroundings and glow in the dark environments

  •   Self-luminous paint from Noxton is made using high quality glow material called Glow in the Dark Powder TAT 33
  •   Luminescent paint from Noxton has the best glow intensity and duration.
  •   Noxton's glow paint has the most attractive price/quality ratio that is highly appreciated by our customers.
  •   Light-accumulative paint forms a durable self-luminous coating that provides a homogeneous glow.
  •   Service life of the glowing paint is 200 years thanks to "KeepSafe" technology! You've never seen anything like this before!
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  •   Glowing paint is made of the most eco-friendly materials so it won't affect your health (unlike others).
  •   Glow paint is the same product as: luminescent paint, self-luminous paint, luminous paint, light-accumulative paint, glowing lacquer, self-luminous polish, luminous liquid, phosphor paint.
  •   Ingredients of the glowing paint: Self-luminous paint for metal from Noxton is made using high quality polyurethane resins with high adhesion that is prepared for mixing with a glow component.
  •   Purpose of the luminous paint: Metal surfaces that do not experience mechanical stresses. Metal structures; metal bars; road guidance signs; metal gates, wickets and railings; lattice, benches and a lot more.
  •   Properties of the luminescent paint: Applied to the surface luminescent paint is whitish (translucent) during the day. It glows green and light blue in the dark (see the other glow colors below). Glow duration of the paint (up to 8-12 hours) depends on the time and intensity of its exposure to the light source. Glow paint can be charged by any source of light: Sun, ordinary electric lamps, DRL, fluorescent lamps, ultraviolet, etc.
  •   Methods of applying the glow paint: With brush, roller, pad or using pouring, dipping or spraying method.
  •   Use of the glowing paint: The surface should be clean and dry. Grease has to be removed mechanically; wash away the dirt and dust. Before using the self-luminous paint TAT 33 you have to mix it thoroughly until smooth (compulsory condition). It is recommended to apply 2 or 3 layers of paint. Drying time: about 2-3 hours for each layer at a temperature of +20°C.
  •   Consumption of the luminescent paint: up to 14 m² /l (depends on the painting method).
  •   Recommendations: The brightest glow effect can be reached by applying a light-accumulative paint to the light types of glass. Darker surface accumulates more emitted energy. When painting certain surfaces it is recommended to cover them with white primer before starting the application of the paint.
  •   Glow paint and humans health: Nonradioactive, nontoxic, nonflammable.
  •   Storage of the luminescent paint: Keep in a tightly sealed container at a temperature from -20°C to +30°C. Storage life of the luminescent paint is up to 200 years, thanks to "KeepSafe" technology*.
  •   Green (basic) luminescent paint - translucent during the day, green glow in the dark
  •   Light blue (basic) luminescent paint - translucent during the day, light blue glow in the dark
  •   Yellow luminescent paint - yellow during the day, yellow glow in the dark
  •   Orange luminescent paint - orange during the day, orange glow in the dark
  •   Blue luminescent paint - blue during the day, blue glow in the dark
  •   Dark green luminescent paint - green during the day, green glow in the dark
  •   Pink luminescent paint - pink during the day, salmon glow in the dark
  •   Dark pink luminescent paint - dark pink during the day, orange-dark pink glow in the dark