Light Reflective Paint

Light Reflective paints reflect the incident light resulting in the glowing effect. These paints start to glow when they get exposed to a light ray. Light reflective effect is extremely important when performing road or area marking, producing street signs because it significantly increases the safety level of road users. Reflective paint is inorganic and produced in 4 different kinds. It also has high light output ratio.

Peculiarities of our paint:

Low consumption
Perfect coverage rate
KeepSafe technology
Resistance to external influences

  •   Reflective paint from Noxton is made with high quality light reflective inorganic based pigment
  •  Retroreflective paint from Noxton has an extremely long life time
  •   Light reflective paint has an awesome "price/quality" ratio. It should play a crucial role when choosing the right product
  •   Service life of our retroreflective paint is 200 years! This became possible thanks to "KeepSafe" technology! You've never seen anything like that before
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  •   Retroreflective paint is made of eco-friendly materials
  •   Light reflective paint is the same product as our retroreflective paint.
  •   Glow paint is the same product as: luminescent paint, self-luminous paint, luminous paint, light-accumulative paint, glowing lacquer, self-luminous polish, luminous liquid, phosphor paint.
  •   Ingredients of the reflective paint: Light reflective paint for exteriors from Noxton is made with high quality polyurethane resin compound that has high adhesion and is prepared for mixing with a light reflective component.
  •   Purpose of the retroreflective paint: Forms a reflective coating on concrete surfaces, curbs, granite surfaces, etc. Used to create light reflective road markings and to mark the territory.
  •   Properties of the light reflective paint: Provides a reflection effect when the painted surface is exposed to light. Light reflective effect intensity depends on the light source power and the angle of light impact towards painted surface. Best reflection can be seen on horizontal surfaces.
  •   Methods for applying the light reflective paint: Using a brush, roller or through the spraying method.
  •   The use of the luminous paint: The surface should be clean and dry. You have to mechanically remove the dirt; grease and dust has to be washed off from the surface. Before using the light reflective paint from Noxton you have to mix it thoroughly until smooth (compulsory condition). It is recommended to apply 2 or 3 layers of the paint. Drying time of each layer is about 3-3.5 hours at a temperature of +20°C.
  •   Consumption of the luminescent paint: up to 8-10 m² /l in 1 layer (depends on the painting method).
  •   Recommendations:Apply the reflective paint in several layers over a white primer to enhance the light reflection effect. To get a reflection of the desired color you have to apply some colored primer to the surface before you start to paint.
  •   Glow paint and humans health: Nonradioactive, nontoxic, nonflammable.
  •   Storage of the luminescent paint: Keep in a tightly sealed container at a temperature from -20°C to +40°C. Storage life of the reflective paint is up to 200 years, thanks to "KeepSafe" technology*.