Noxton Company is a leader in the field of the newest luminescent materials. As of today, we can offer you a Glow in the Dark Paint for the most attractive price. However, even considering current conditions people often ask us about the advantages of our luminescent paint and why «our price is better». By that we mean how many square meters of the surface or product units we can cover with paint while getting a perfect self-glow effect. Let's analyze every point of the process.

Let's assume that glow paint for metal That's just the parameters that can be quantified. But there are also some no less important factors, like: human's safety, glow homogeneity, ease of using, etc. When one is searching for the right Glow in the Dark Paint he tries to find the best option for price and quality. It happens often that the choice falls on Chinese «luminescent paint» or paint that is called Russian or Ukrainian while it is made using Chinese glow powder (essentially it is the same).

1. The real peak glow intensity of the 90% of all the paints that Noxton Company has tested is about 18 000 mcd/m2

This means that luminescent paint from Noxton glows by almost 40% percents better when fully charged. Although the glow intensity of this paint can't be increased by any way, let's assume we change the situation at least for a little bit by applying more layers of the glowing coating. In that case we would need 40 % more self-luminous paint. So it turns out that 1 liter of Noxton's glowing paint would be equal to 1.4 liters of any other phosphorus paint.

2. Glow duration of Noxton's luminescent paint is 8-12 hours, considering the extinction.

This is the longest real glow time you can get using modern technologies. The samples of glowing paints that we've examined (most of them are either Chinese or made of Chinese glow powder) had the glow duration of about 20 minutes considering 2 hours of extinction. Let's make a strong assumption and imagine that such luminescent paint can glow for up to 5 hours. And let's assume again that the glow duration can be increased by putting more layers of the glow coating and that the glow intensity of Noxton's luminescent paint is only 7 hours. We would still need 25% more of the other paint in order to get the same result as we would get using paint made with Glow in the Dark Powder TAT 33 (let's imagine that the difference in glow duration is 2 hours).

3. You can cover the area of 10-12 sq. m. in 1 layer with a liter of Noxton's Glow in the Dark Paint.

Usually, when you need to get a perfect glow effect you have to apply 1 or 2 layers of our paint (depending on the surface type). You can try any luminescent paint from other vendors but you want be able to paint an area of more than 7-8 sq. m. and get at least a dim glow with a liter of any of these paints. Let's make the calculations again and see that the effective price of the self-luminous paint from Noxton is higher by about 30%. And let's assume (conditionally) that the situation can be remedied by applying more layers.

4. The glow effect of the Glow in the Dark Paint would be seen for next 200 years after you've applied it to the surface.

This number was experimentally determined in lab by using the half-life of the matter. If you found a luminescent paint, made of Chinese glow powder, be sure, destruction of the active substance will start after six months of use: glow intensity will increase, variegated areas will appear and total glow time after charge will decrease. Even if we assume that the total glowing time of this paint is about 1-2 years, anyway it will be incomparable with the period of 2 years! We are often asked: why do you need a glowing surface for 200 years if a human doesn't live that long? Nothing would help you to solve this problem, even increasing the number of applied layers. To make our calculations easier, let's assume that we can change the situation at least for a little bit, by getting two jars of this paint.

5. Thanks to KeepSafe technology the service life of our Glow in the Dark Paint has increased to 10 years.

This allows you to use the glowing material when you want and where you want while not carrying about the shelf life of the paint. The maximum storage life of our luminescent paint is 2 years. This means, it is 5 times less effective to use such materials, than to use Glow in the Dark Paint from Noxton Company.

6. Every glow paint is a combination of at least two components:

transparent medium and luminescent glow powder, which qualities determine the basic parameters of Glow in the Dark Paint. Dimension of the glow powder (fraction size) plays a major role. If the size of fractions is more than 90 microns, then the glow paint made of it could be applied using only a brush or roll, while you won't be able to use airbrush or sprayer instead. This fact significantly limits the ways to apply the paint and creates some extra inconveniences when working with it. Glow component that our paint consists has a fraction size of about 60 microns. Paint like this can be applied to any surface using a sprayer with a small nozzle. Most of the other phosphor paints contain active component fractions that have a size of more than 100 microns. This is no surprise, considering the fact that the raw comes from China where they increase the size of fractions in order to get at least a little bet better glow. Let's assume that the size of the fraction creates a slight edge of 10% for our self-luminous paint (in fact, its usually much higher, especially when using it in auto-tuning, airbrushing, interior design, etc).

Noxton's paint has some more advantages that can't be quantified. For example, Glow in the Dark Paint from Noxton is totally harmless to human's health. This is probably the most important feature that you should pay attention to when choosing a luminescent paint. For example, paints that are made using Chinese glow powder are conditionally safe since the active agent is hydrophobic itself and forms toxic compounds of strontium oxide when exposed to water. Considering the fact that 90% of all the products sold on market are just different modifications and combinations of Chinese raw - the safety factor becomes a number one priority.

There are some other important advantages of our paint: glow homogeneity, good covering and high profitability. KeepSafe technology makes it possible not just to extend the luminescent paint's shelf life but also to make a finishing gloss coat using this paint without having to buy special polishing lacquers.

If you have any questions regarding this article, please contact us. We would be happy to make it clear for you.

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